Monday, March 26, 2012

God's given opportuties...

A few Mondays ago in CaFE y TEologia, Paola, one of the girls who attends, threw out a thought. LEAP OF FAITH. What does this mean? We chewed on this thought for a little while. Then she made a comment about needing to write down what happens in our walk with God. Here it goes; my prayer is that one of these stories will bless you today!

This last weak. (March 19-25)

God, thankyou for the opportunities that You have given me to talk to people about You! I am sorry that I have not taken advantage of all of them! Please help me grow in faith and trust in You!

Living day to day... God has given me two opportunities to talk with two young ladies on the metro on two separate opportunities about Him. We talked about forgiveness, commitment, and radicalness. I do not want to pretend that I made all of the right decisions. I feel as though I said some things incorrectly, but my hope is that the Holy Spirit will work on their minds and hearts- that He will change the "estupidezes" that I may have said into a searing flame to bring them to Him.

This last Wednesday, God had placed it on my heart to buy some bread or provide for someone in need. I was walking to class in the morning, praying that God would show me who He wanted me to give to, when a man literally walked up to me and asked me for money. It could not have been more clear! I ran into two issues, however. I only had a 20 Euro and 6 centimo on me. Do I give him the 20? I said to him " What I can do is buy you some food." He aswered back with "WHAT?!?" So I asked him what he wanted the money for. He replied that he needed a place to sleep tonight. So I (please forgive me Lord!) told him that I could only give him the 6 centimos that I had. Thankyou Lord for answering my prayer so quickly! Help me to learn to give my all. Should I given the 20? Would he have used it incorrectly?

One thing that I know, I have learned many lessons!

Friday night, God gave me the opportunity to share about His compassion and character with the kids at JPC. Thankyou Lord! It went wonderfully! Of course there are always a few things that go wrong (that cause you to laugh later, such as throwing a plastic cup at someone to make them be quiet ;)), but all in all, it ran smoothely. My prayer is that Jesus would draw the kids closer to Him so they can experience His sweet nature. That they may grow in their relationship with Him and through mimicking His character, they would draw others to Him!

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