Tuesday, January 17, 2012

After arriving at the hotel, we all received keys to our hotel rooms. This will be our home for the next week, and get this... the key is a magnet! It is the coolest thing ever! It doesn't open other doors thoughm, :( :). Our Director told us to try our hardest not to fall asleep until after 8 at night. Easier said than done when the hour difference is 7 hours. :) All of our eyes were glossy, but I think we managed.

We had a few "classes" of safety and things to know about the city today. We also had a lot of time to explore and walk around. Honestly, I love being able to walk! It is beautiful and so clean!(except for the dog droppings everywhere...). We were able to walk by one park and quite a few stores.

The two new experiences I had today were: changing money and eating!

First with changing money, I learned how to use a european atm. I am still not used to the currency. 2 euros is a coin then the 20 is a bill. They are so itsy-bitsy and cute! But the exchange rate is pretty terrible :(.

The eating is the biggest change. I was expecting pretty small portions, but far apart. Far from what I found out. Lunch was not too different; we had two sandwiches (one cheese and one ham... or as some of made it- mixed) and a fruit. Supper was the big difference. We all walked in to supper at about 8:15 pm. As soon as we sat down, we were served a full plate of a potato quiche and salad. It was delicious! Then as soon as I ate that completely, thinking that was everything was finished, they brought out another full plate of sausage and potato/beans. I very full and extremely tired after the first plate "had to leave to find my roomate :)". I found out later that there is another full dessert course as well! All I can say is: DELICIOUS! :).  

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  1. Hi Tita,
    Glad you made it! It was fun to see Kaylynn yesterday at IWU - missed seeing you too. Wish I could make a "college visit" to Barcelona! :) I hope you have a great time learning a new culture, way of speaking Spanish and alll the rest. Thinking of you and praying for you.
    Aunt Twana