Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tips learned from day two2 :).

Ahorita is a "Mexican" word.
       I told one of the men working here at the hotel that I would go get my roommate "ahorita" so that she could eat and so they could start clearing the meal. He very kindly grabbed my arm and said " ahorita, no. Ahora. Aqui no decimos "ahorita". Eso es de Mexico, y no hablamos con los Mexicanos." He was really sweet about it though! So now I can pass for Gringa, Honduran, and Mexican :).

The Metro Door is not like an elevator door:
      I rode the metro for the first time! :). We all went together with our Director to learn how to use it and see how to get to the University on Tuesday afternoon. First we had to buy a pass. I was able to go through that with very little trouble. I did not even trip as I was walking through the entrance doors that take your ticket! We then arrived at the platform to enter the subway/metro it was beeping. The eleven of us ran to get on. There are quite a few seconds before they close the doors, we were told. unfortunately, the doors started to close on me! I put out my hands to keep them open while I walked through, like an elevator. Unfortunately again, elevators are not as carnivorous as metros are. They do not open once they are closing. So me, on the outside, and our directora on the inside tried to open the door using the handle. The driver apparently did not approve and I was stuck on the outside as my classmates rode out with my directora pointing to the next station. There I was left alone on the platform waiting for the wall to explode and suck me into another world like the characters of "Narnia". I survived the first ride though! :).

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