Sunday, January 22, 2012

They say that pictures can tell more than one thousand words. These are some of the pictures that I got on the first few days in Spain.
CCB- the Culture building.

This is the new part of the culture building. The Architect thought that everyone should have the ability to see the sea, so he got creative. The little blue line that you can see is the mediterranean :D.

This is right outside of the Facultad of Art. The UB (university of Barcelona) is split up by majors. Different majors are studied in different areas of the city, and typically a person only does one major, making them more specialized in their area. This statue is the patron saint of Barcelona- San Gordi (I believe that is how you spell it. Either way, in English it is Saint George.)

This is one of the castles here in Barcelona. Because the city owns it instead of the King, Pedralbes (Castle/ gardens) this Castle is an open park especially for the University students but open to all.

This is a Paparatzi photo of some of my "companeros". Unfortunately, some of them noticed that I was taking a foto. Hmmm... so much for being inconspicuous :).  

This is some of us in front of our hotel that we stayed in for Orientation. It was BEAUTIFUL! It was all so clean and nice. The only thing that I had to get used to was the shower- the doors did not close of the shower thus a towell at the entryway is REQUIRED!

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