Monday, January 27, 2014

And the Sprint Begins...

Wow! When you let God set the pace, you better hold on. That is what I am learning! After starting my Placement at Compassion International's site in Lugazi, I feel as if time has been moving in fast forward. My head is reeling from the quick motions and all of the language that it is trying to take in, yet, I honestly cannot complain. I asked God to take the reins, now I just have to hold onto the horse :).

In Lugazi, I am working with the Child Survival Program which works with children ages 0-3 and their mothers on surviving and thriving as they learn about God and meet outcomes in the Spiritual, Cognitive, Physical, and Socio-emotional levels. God has blessed me with a wonderful supervisor, Aunt Racheal, and Director, Uncle Johnson (they call people Aunt and Uncle out of respect here. Not too different than the missionary world :).) They, along with the whole Compassion team, are incredible to work with, very welcoming and enjoyable.

I have learned to value time as it comes and goes in quick and slow spurts. I was able to on Wednesday of last week bring the devotion (more like preaching :)) for all of the youth (around 30 people). I learned that we have to stay connected to God at all times as we may be given just ten minutes to prepare a 30 minute presentation. I am so thankful that God offers us His Holy Spirit to speak through us and for us!

 I have been blessed with being able to struggle through learning some of the language of Luganda. I love the laughter that it brings them when I mess up :). It makes it so much easier to just take the whole learning process in stride. Mwasuzotia BaNiabo e BaSsebbo!

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