Saturday, January 11, 2014

Letting God Set the Pace

I was reading in Jesus Calling the other day about complete trust in God also including trusting His time, not trying to force everything to work out before He has it planned resulting in us getting a counterfeit of what He has for us. I honestly have really struggled with this concept. I like to plan and organize, a wonderful trait that comes from my mother :). It has proved time and time again to be a blessing, but in the area of trust, it becomes a challenge. This is my challenge to myself and to you as I am in Uganda. Know that God is in control (Romans 8:31, Ps. 46:1-3, Luke 1:37, Ps 56:3-4 and so many more)! I am excited to enjoy the process of life as I spend time trusting in His Presence!

Here is how God has shown His presence so far: On the way over to Uganda (I have arrived safely! Thank you for prayers!), I was blessed to sit by one individual on each plane ride who I was able to speak to about adventures ahead, what to expect, and Christ. I hope that I was as much a blessing to them as they were to me!

Stepping off of the plane in Kampala, I was checked through customs by someone who had studied at the UCU school that I am studying at here in Mukono. He was such an encouragement as he told me a little bit about the grounds and the people.

I was greeted by a land that is VERY similar to Honduras! It is crazy how much Africa can be like Central America topographically. I feel very much at home with the climate, the people (still learning the culture though :S, more embarrassing stories to follow, I am sure :D), and the night noises. The night noises remind me of Olancho: Humanity competing with nature, a mixture of loud music being drowned out by the cadence of crickets, frogs, and locust.

All of the girls that I am studying here with (especially Betty :)), have been a huge encouragement as they are going through the same process as I am. We are all excited and nervous!

And now I might be late for Church, so more to come with photos!

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